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"How To Easily Use The Wave Principle And Quickly Impulse Your Trading Success"

Finally, how to easily read financial charts like a pro without news or complicated indicators

Discover how to make any chart easier to trade. Boost your confidence and engage in smarter trades

~~ A self-paced, online course ~~

4.7 (31 ratings) 238 students

That's me explaining how the wave principle works for free.

Learn how to quickly draw an easy-to-follow map to easily make smarter decisions. By following this method, you can simplify any financial chart and trade with confidence.

Do you ever feel confused when staring at any financial chart?

Struggling to trust your analysis making it harder to respect your trading decision?

You're not alone.

"95% of traders lose money in the markets"

Feeling insecure is the major factor in why people are easily losing money in the markets.

Sometimes getting into FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) will make you take the wrong entries. Facing decision fatigue can destroy your confidence after constantly triggering your stop loss.

Analyzing charts is probably one of the most precious skills anyone in the trading business can possess. But at school, we've not learned the art of investing. Most people don't how to analyze financial charts.

We've not learned how to take the risks even if we experience an emotional rollercoaster.

Anxiety, fear, or anger rises.

Emotions can alter your decision. Getting stopped just to see your original plan succeed totally sucks. That's why being confident in your analysis is key to stopping emotions control your decisions.

The Wave Principle allows you to analyze any financial charts like a pro without using complicated indicators. You don't even have to read the news anymore.

It's a simple method that anyone can use because your brain is wired to find patterns.

You just need to be shown once, and then you will find them everywhere.

You are only required to learn a few tools and skills to use this little-known method.

This is exactly what you will learn in this course:

  • How to read any financial market and take action without fear. Any instrument - Any timeframe.
  • How to gain confidence in your investing decisions. You will understand when to Buy, Sell or Wait.
  • How to get more profits. You will set up your trades once and let it run while you rest. You can be profitable even if you are wrong more times.

This is no ordinary wave analysis course...

This course is based on my personal experience following the original wave principle scripts from R.N. Elliott, teaching it over 3+ years with practical examples, and helping traders feel secure when analyzing their own charts.

You'll learn the practical skills to become a confident wave analyst - even if you think you're no good with financial charts:

  • Learn The Wave Principle Method Step-by-step
    Short video tutorials show how to implement wave analysis techniques
  • Sharpen your chart analysis with "X-ray" skills
    Over 24+ Step-By-Step Videos teach you how to evaluate, simplify and improve any charts' analysis (including your own)
  • Analyze any financial chart like a pro and keep your chart easy to follow
    You will find Templates, cheat sheets, annotated examples, live charts update, and detailed instructions. Finally, learn how to draw financial charts that make sense and how to get profit from them with little or no effort.
  • Follow a pain-free wave analysis process
    Forget the pain of confirming tons of rules before trading. Learn only 3 Golden Rules designed as checklists to give you the confidence to trade. Follow my little-known guidelines to analyze any chart and easily improve your trading success - even if you are wrong you will still know what happened.

This course helps you get unstuck, avoid common chart analysis mistakes, and adopt a simple approach to use wave analysis in any financial chart.

The instructor is clear. I have picked up nuggets on how to tackle this seemingly easy but evasive methodology. I am glad that I took the course, it has indeed added on my understanding of both market structure analysis and trading using the Elliott Wave Principle. And yes, the bonus I am taking away from it; his sincerity at which he engages with the content, and how he links it to his expertise outside the EWP, for that, he is a great instructor. Looking forward to additions, in any. Thank you!! ~ Mzamo Mbona, Wave Principle Practitioner

When i discovered wave analysis and started to study it, my trading business made a drifting turn around. I'm so happy to be here, wave analysis is the best technique i've seen. it has helped me a lot to understand how price moves. ~ Andrea Faustina, Wave Principle Practitioner

I've got $140 profits this week. The wave principle is very effective. Thank you for your teachings Lito. I'm grateful to be part of this community - There will be more opportunities! ~ Alberto Luo, Wave Principle Practitioner

What You'll Learn

  • How To Easily Profit From Any Market With The Wave Principle
  • Read Any Financial Charts Without Fundamental Analysis Or Complicated Skills
  • Spot Higher Probability Trades By Identifying Important Pattern Combinations
  • The Wave Principle Help Any Trader/Investor Know When To Buy, Sell, or Wait
  • BONUS 1 - The 3 Pillars To Master Trading Training - because technical analysis is not enough.
  • BONUS 2 - Secret Tips To Help You Improve Your Mindset
  • BONUS 3 - Live Charts With Examples And Opportunities Across Many Financial Markets Every Single Day


You don't require previous knowledge or skills. The less you know, the more advantages you have.

Please read below to find out if this course is NOT for you:

  • You aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own by trial and error.
  • You have absolutely no interest in learning any additional skills because you already know what you are doing.
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you put in little to no work and follow other people's opinions to make money. Get 1 big trade, and hope to get more lucky winners.
  • You care about fast results. This course is for people that want to develop this profitable skill, but it requires practice and patience as learning any new language. There's a short period of "I don't understand anything".

I like how it starts assuming I know nothing about trading.~ Rebecca Beard, Wave Principle Practitioner

It's Gem! Worth more than what you paid for.~ Rechie Ouano Gallo, Wave Principle Practitioner

The Simple Wave Analysis Course: Part 1

In the first part of the course, you will rebuild the foundation of your learning process by re-discovering the 3 essential knowledge of trading.

1) Rediscover what being a trader really means

  • Learn about your personality and how that influences your trading style.
  • Recognize yourself as the main influencer of your decisions so you can take control of your decisions.

2) Understand the mechanic rules behind trading

  • Discover the features of trading to maximize your effort (without overtiring)
  • Learn how you can benefit from any financial market so that you can take profit from anywhere in the world, and at any time you wish.

3) Get the tools and knowledge required to act with confidence

  • Gather the tools you will need to analyze so that you can find a profitable opportunity to take action.
  • Prepare your money-making machine so that you are ready to make it happen whenever you want. (Even with your smartphone)

The Simple Wave Analysis Course: Part 2

The second part of this course shows you the basic concepts of the wave principle so you can understand any financial chart clearly.

What you'll get:

1) Discover the true meaning of the Wave Principle

  • Learn about Ralph Nelson Elliott and how the market behaves so you can predict its next movement (which he developed without using computers)
  • Discover which nature's law is the core of the wave principle so you can tap into the secrets of the universe and feel connected.

How To Use The Wave Principle

2) Understand the difference between theory and principle

  • Find out the basic figures that the market repeats every time so that you can anticipate the next movement successfully.
  • Learn the true meaning of patterns and how that can help you make clever decisions (most traders get this wrong)
  • Memorize the only 3 rules that matter, and how they differ from guidelines so you know what you are doing. (and how to avoid the mistakes most traders make)

3) Learn how to find opportunities (any financial market, any timeframe)

  • Prepare your charts using the wave principle so you can secure your trade with a high probability plan.
  • Learn how to create money-making plans so you can build your trading business (even if you are wrong more often)
  • Lose the fear of engaging in any timeframe and any financial market.

The Simple Wave Analysis Course: Part 3

The last part of this course, you will learn the advanced knowledge that enables you to recognize where you are in the market, and where it's more probable to go so that you can follow the trend and improve your chances of successful trades.

What you'll get:

1) Power on your chart's GPS and immediately locate yourself in the charts

  • Discover the location of the waves and what pattern combinations to expect so that you are always ahead of time to make your trading plans.
  • Learn the secret use of Fibonacci Clusters and how they can show you zones where you expect important market behavior. (increasing your probability of creating successful plans)

2) The hidden use of the wave principle to remove your fear from any market.

  • Reshape your mindset and sharpen your perception skills so that you are able to see what's invisible to others.
  • Dominate your psychology and never let your emotions think for you so that you can use your Brain's Left Hemisphere to take action.

3) Make your charts look clean and professional without cluttering them with complicated tools.

  • Position yourself ahead of the competition by mastering 5 Key Guidelines and the mystical 5 - 3 - 5 - 3 Growth Pattern that repeats in the micro and macro universe. (Even in the financial markets!)
  • Learn how to put everything into action - the only way you can really learn (and get profit).

Sound like a lot?

Yeah, it's a lot. But you'll work step by step so you won't feel overwhelmed. The video tutorials are to the point and short (most of them are under 10 minutes); I've invested years of research and simplified what works for you so that you don't waste time on useless content. Reinforcing what you've learned with real charts examples, and the cheat sheets provide helpful reminders. Our community offers lots of support while we are learning together.

The Profitable Wave Principle Course boosts your confidence as an analyst and trader because it demonstrates how to use wave analysis, and you learn how to cultivate your chart analysis skills so you can make better trades and investments decisions.

After the course Lito changed my whole outlook. There is tremendous improvement in trading and earning. Teaching is authentic. No hidden agenda. Eye opening teaching. ~ Dr. Jitendra Vala, Wave Principle Practitioner

It's worth paying for the webinars, they are very informative. My goal is to be able to recognize patterns like the back of my hand like you do. I enjoy reading all your insights on discord silently as I am not confident at all to share mine just yet, it is helpful in my educational journey. Thank you for the hard work you put into making this course available for people like me. I am excited to start learning ~ Margie, Wave Principle Practitioner

I am watching the videos on the website right now. High quality information and presentation, thank you! I am learning to trade the charts, not the fundamental analysis. I really like your uploaded videos. It's been a great info packed webinar. I am amazed how fast you recognize the patterns, hopefully one day I will be able to see them as well. I learned a lot of new things, thank you very much Lito. ~ DiglyPhotoVideo, Wave Principle Practitioner

Everything is tied to wave principle and if you think otherwise you are a fool. Fibonacci porn Lito's secret weapon in becoming chart master. And a true successor of Ralph Nelson Elliott. Let the 1.618 be with you !~ Bulek, Wave Principle Practitioner

About your tutor

Eduardo Maldonado, known better as Lito, is a wave analyst on a mission to share the true teachings of the wave principle.

He has been rapidly promoted from customer to analyst team by just sharing his charts at Coin Observatory (a paying membership trading group). He had job offers of teaching for high-ticket membership groups and denied. Instead, he started teaching for free and got kicked to avoid screwing their business. Since then he's been passively writing and teaching about the wave principle through his own discord server for over 3+ years, with 500+ increasing followers.

Lito has a Psychology and Graphic Design degree. He stumbled upon his life's passion when he discovered Clickbank's business model of the digital product creators and affiliate marketing philosophy: helping people connect with solutions to their problems. He is on the mission of helping people improve their lives through practical digital teachings to avoid false information from sucking out people's brains and hope.

He's also developing a permaculture food forest project in Ecuador, Guayaquil... around 10 minutes outside the city. The objective is to create a landscape where a forest school can evolve so that kids can learn about nature, in nature (without a screen or youtube video). He's got a theory that if education flows with natural stimulants adults should have fewer traumas and resistance to grow healthy. He believes it should be easier to educate than to go through therapy.  He says this project should serve as an example of what humans can do if science, money, and consciousness mix up.

He's been vegan since 2017, father of 2 little girls, and eager to show the world why holistic health matters. He believes Consciousness is the key to a beautiful world.

Lito I just want to pause for a moment to recognize your ethical resilience. I'm an entrepreneur and have come across a lot of bad people over the years; you sir, are not 1 of those people. I sincerely, appreciate you and your honesty. I am grateful to be mentored by you! ~ Goetze, Wave Principle Practitioner

You are truly one of the best TA talents i have seen. Credit where credit is due. ~ MrKay, Wave Principle Practitioner

From the day that Lito started making money with Bitcoin, then I said to myself, I can do it too. Lito, no offense ... I owe everything I learned to you, thank you, infinitely graceful, you are a capo... ~ Daniel Guzman, Wave Principle Practitioner

Imagine how would it feels like if you could also analyze charts that gets you more profitable trades and more successful investments...

Who is The Wave Principle Course for...

This course is for traders and investors- whether you run a hedge fund business, manage other people's portfolio, run copy-trading followers business, or a simple guy like me sitting behind his computer in a small house in South America.

Anyone who wants to understand the market behavior, looking to feel confident in making trading setups and get profit by executing smarter plans. Without the pain of technical indicators or scary news that manipulates the market.

Anyone tired of investing blindly with bots, signals, or expensive empty courses that shows nothing else than theory. Gambling their luck just to lose money, and without understanding what happened.

Who this Course is NOT for...

X You aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error.

X You have absolutely no interest in learning any additional skills because you know what you are doing.

X You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you put in little to no work and follow other people's opinions to make money. Get 1 big trade, and hope to get more lucky winners.

X You care about fast results. This course is for people that want to develop this profitable skill, but it requires practice and patience.

According to psychology, new habits require 21 days to build and 10.000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of any skill. But don't let that stop you. Senses are sharpened every time we use them.

The wave principle is a game of perception: a figure-pattern recognition skill. The learning curve is exponential. This means, it may be rough at the start but then it speeds up like a rocket. Just like bitcoin's growth.

A course for busy people

Learn at a pace that works for you. Even if you have only 15 minutes, you can watch a video (or part of it) and continue whenever you feel like it. The content is yours to keep and it's been optimized to watch on the go.

What you'll get

The Simple Wave Analysis Course Includes:

  • 24 Simple & Short Videos and +200 Illustrated Slides- that teach you how to use the wave principle to plan a successful trade, step by step.
  • Real Charts with +80 Practical Examples - that shows you exactly how does wave analysis looks like when used properly.
  • Powerful Psychology Tips and Secrets To Improve Your Trading Experience - because analyzing is not the only skill you need to succeed as a trader. And you know it.
  • +3 FREE Bonuses - Hidden from the Internet:
    • Bonus #1 | The 3 Pillars To Master Trading Training (Value $97)
      Get everything you need to become a master trader. The analysis is just one of them, with these you are ready to launch yourself into the market fearless.
    • Bonus #2 | 3 Reasons why an account is burned (and the solution for each one) Training. (Value $47)
      Knowing your weakness will certainly help you boost in the right direction. Are you conscious of the reasons why you keep losing in the market? Here you fill find out the common reasons and what to do to avoid them.
    • Bonus #3 | 5 Exclusive Webinar Replays (4 hours 41 minutes playback time) (Value $297)
      I've been teaching the wave principle for years. These recordings were done live in premium groups. The access was very limited, only a few could pay in bitcoin when I made them live. Now they are hidden from the internet. Only available here.

The course is self-paced, so you can learn at a pace that works for you, and you get life-time access.

The course comes with an online learning outline. You can repeat my videos as many times as you like. You will also get additional emails with tips and guidelines to help you push forward in your wave education, FREE of charge!

And Here's Your Triple Guarantee:

If there's any reason you can't understand it, feel like it doesn't work for you or that it didn't fill your expectations...

You have a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  No Questions Asked. 

Review my Wave Principle course:  “How To Easily Use The Wave Principle And Quickly Impulse Your Trading Success” for 60 days at my risk, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted with the education, simply ask for a prompt and courteous refund. And you can keep any downloadable as a token of gratitude.

You truly have everything to gain and nothing to lose by ordering “How To Easily Use The Wave Principle And Quickly Impulse Your Trading Success” by Lito right now.

“How To Easily Use The Wave Principle And Quickly Impulse Your Trading Success”

Finally, how to easily read financial charts like a pro without using complicated indicators or news. Discover how to make any chart easier to trade. Boost your confidence to engage in smarter trades

Regular Price: $197  $47*

Secure My Enrollment Now

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Review my Wave Principle course for 60 days at my risk, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted with the education, simply ask for a prompt and courteous refund. You can keep any downloadable. You truly have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Order right now.

* Price discounted for the first 250 practitioners. Once the limit is reached price will 2x

 Seats Left: 12 

What other Wave Principle Practitioners say about this course

I'm fan of your elliott videos, i think i watch it several times repeatedly. All your cheat sheets i printed and pasted on my dinning set, my refrigerator, and in the ceiling of my bedroom. It takes time to familiarize the corrective waves but want to learn it again and again non stop. A big thanks to you master, all my gains i owe it to you. I went from 1 Bitcoin to 18 Bitcoin in 60 days... why im so confident my portfolio will tell you how powerful wave principle is. God bless you and more opportunities to come. ~ Magic E,  made $1.000.000 thanks to my cheat sheets

I had to print the cheat sheets and from there I am learning because the truth at first I did not understand anything ... and the truth is that one is surprised how this type of analysis is so exact ... that it surpasses others ~ Cristian, Wave Principle Practitioner

I would like to say that the instructor put a lot of effort in making sure that you grasp the content. the course is well structured, suitable for all levels of competence. I have benefited most from the course, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have both a strong foundation of technical trading in general, and as well those who aspire to be the Wave Principle practitioners. The value is not even close to the price. The course is a gem. Through this course, I have completed my puzzle. I am grateful for the experience. Looking forward to any content you might create in the future. ~ Mzamo Mbona, Wave Principle Practitioner

Sir Lito thank you for the discord group. It is very big help for us especially we are still learning on EW... I need to maximize and explore my ability and consistency on how to put myself to develop my trading strategy. So every example you take I always save it, and study it. Overall words very clear and excellent ~ Vdugso, Wave Principle Practitioner

How Does The Wave Principle Applied In The Markets Looks Like?

>> You can find more updated charts on my Instagram.

I like sharing before-after analysis so you can see in real-time how price in charts develops.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is this course suitable for a beginner?
Yes, the course is suitable for anyone who’s running or starting a trading business or who wants to invest smarter. You don’t need any technical or previous experience to enjoy this course and learn how to use wave analysis. To be honest, the less you know the easier it will be for you as you don't have to mix strategies. But it's ok if you already have a winning strategy as the wave principle can be ADDED to any strategy. It doesn't change, it improves your analysis.

• How do I know if this course will work for me?
I don't have any special talent, and I believe you don't need to have a high IQ to see patterns. Your brain is neuro-wired to find patterns. All that is required is practice and discipline to follow instructions. I'm a psychologist, trust me, you only need someone to show you the way and be conscious of the unknown. Then after some practice, it becomes a natural skill to easily detect these hidden figures and patterns to the unconscious.

• Is this course suitable for non-English speakers?
Yes, every video got its own English subtitles so you can read them, in case my voice is not clear sometimes. As long as you’re fine with watching videos in English or reading the subtitles, then you can enjoy the course and apply your learning to your charts.

• How long will the course take?
The course is self-paced so you can go as fast as you like. Frenzy watch the videos like a Netflix series. Or work at a steady pace—even if you have only 15 minutes, you can dive in and watch a video (or part of it). Total playback from videos is 6 hours so if you manage to watch 15 minutes daily you can finish this in less than 4 weeks.

• What’s the difference between this course against others found online?
I understand the internet is flooded with information, but I guarantee you will now find anyone talking about the Principle. Trust me, I tried to learn this the hard way and everyone talks about "Elliott Theory" with hundreds of counting rules and validations... it has to be simple, simple works better. It's easier and takes less time with fewer tools. This prevents paralysis analysis and makes your chart look clean and beautiful.

• How long will I have access to the course material?
You get life-time access—you keep access to all material for as long as the course is available.

• Are video transcripts available?
Not exactly, each video has subtitles but you also get access to my google slides. You can view them at your own pace so you can choose to watch the video or read the slides (or do both).

• Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes. You can pay with any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. All payments are in US dollars. All orders are processed by Click Sales, Inc

• Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can try the course completely risk-free. I’m confident you’ll love this course but if you decide it’s not for you, then you have a 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

“How To Easily Use The Wave Principle And Quickly Impulse Your Trading Success”

Finally, how to easily read financial charts like a pro without using complicated indicators or news. Discover how to make any chart easier to trade. Boost your confidence to engage in smarter trades

Regular Price: $197  $47*

Secure My Enrollment Now

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Review my Wave Principle course for 60 days at my risk, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted with the education, simply ask for a prompt and courteous refund. You can keep any downloadable. You truly have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Order right now.

* Price discounted for the first 250 practitioners. Once the limit is reached price will 2x

 Seats Left: 12 

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