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Your Wish is Your Command consists of information that has been kept away from the masses by the Powerful Parasitical Elite class and Governments over hundreds of years.

  • This life-changing set of audio CD’s details the thought process behind the world’s most successful people.
  • Take complete control of your life and learn how to manifest your every personal and financial wish, plus much, much more


A few selected people believe in the power of the law of attraction. Are you familiar with this law?

because it works rather you are conscious about it or not. So you better learn about it.


This law states that you have the power to attract anything that is going to happen to you.

it doesn't matter if it's something you want, or you don't.

you see, the universe doesn't understand negative commands.


Let's imagine you don't want to gain weight, or maybe you don't want to get into discussions with your partner.

you are actually giving energy to these things you don't want because you are thinking about them.

you could revert this by asking the same, but in a positive way of what you really want..

such as "i want to lose weight" and "i want a healthy relationship with my partner"


Whatever you wish may be your command.. Good things, bad things, success, failure, love, health, and wealth..

all of these things can be attracted and manifested according to these CD's teachings.

Your Wish is Your Command CD will give you new insights on how to maximize the powers of the law of attraction.


You Will Learn The Four Basic Concepts to Achieving Success

  • Who do you listen to? Listen to people who have what you want
  • Teachability Index - Your ability for being teachable. Some people think they know too much they are not willing to unlearn to learn.
  • The Training/Balance Scale - What goes on inside your mind, how you think and feel, the “why” vs the other side of scale: what you do, the “how”
  • The Four Steps to Processing New Information:
    • Unconscious incompetence - You don’t know and you can't do.
    • Conscious incompetence - You know what you don’t know but you can't do it.
    • Conscious competence - You know what you know and you can do it consciously.
    • Unconscious competence - You know and it happens unconsciously. You don't have to think about it, it happens automatically.


This CD features a recording of lectures given by Kevin Trudeau for the price of $10,000 per attendee.

So, it's a real hack to grab a copy of a $10,000-worth lecture that I've managed to compile for you for Free.

Start listening now to the entire series by downloading your own copy. right here, right now.


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