If you ever need to contact me, you can email me at lito@waveprinciple.net  but it's best to join our discord community.

Join The Wave Academy Discord Server

Join our discord channel and get in touch with me, Litϕ

You can find lots of resources to read, download, print, and videos to watch in there.

We have a live community with over 200+ members and growing.

Some of them are newbies, some of them have already learned the basics and have become active practitioners.

The academy is growing and I believe in finding more practitioners, and not followers.

I do not sell signals, memberships, or mentorship. I only teach what I've been learning that works.

So let's have a quick tour of what you can do on our discord channel:

  1. Please read carefully the introduction, there's a Spanish and English version, make sure you read the rules.
  2. Here you can read about my story as a trader, so you know my background. What I've been through and why I can understand you.
  3. This is our Active Channel (specially english room). Here I post daily charts about BTC and other instruments if I find something interesting.
  4. Here's a compilation of successful charts, to keep the good charts to visualize later for a review.
  5. If you have any question, this is the room to get in and ask. I'll kindly reply, and there are other users who like to participate.
  6. Here you can find multiple resources that can aid you in your learning process.
    • In Library, you can find printables, guides, references, and much more content to boost your knowledge.
  7. Are you ready to Learn The Wave Principle? Then head right into this channel.

► In most channels, it makes sense to start on top of them to start reading. Enjoy.