Beginner’s Guide

Before you start studying any technical analysis, you should first start with the basics of trading.

Welcome To The Beginner's Guide

If you are new to trading, when you finish this section you will learn every aspect of trading that doesn't include technical analysis.

This is the must-learn knowledge of how everything works.

  • Who is a trader, how does he makes money, and what exactly is trading.
  • What exactly is a market, and how we can participate in it.
  • Why does the price fluctuate up and down?
  • What platform/app he uses and how is it used.
  • How to manage your money in your account.
  • How to open/close a trade in your platform.
  • How to look at charts and what are candlesticks?

Everything we need to understand from these concepts can be viewed in Trading View, a free (or premium) service where you can analyze the price movements of any instrument that it's been traded, and the next step is obviously to know when exactly to get in, and when to get out. When you are wrong, and how to wait patiently for the next opportunity.

So let's start by going to the first lesson: Traders, who are they?