Earn Money and Help Us Grow

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing. A global industry worth well over $12 billion.

Have you ever talked about a movie you liked to your friends? It's that simple.

That's a recommendation. Obviously, the movie theater doesn't pay you.

With Affiliate Marketing you get paid every time your recommended products/services get purchased through your hop-link.

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where you can find thousands of products to promote. Commissions can go higher than 50% on each sale.

It's a win-win situation, we only make money when you make money.

Don't worry about the technical stuff. It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple works best.

If you are new or you want to scale your business, follow this program that does 90% of the hard work for you.

* You will find more information about our Audience Demographics, Interests, Arts and Keywords that will help you with your marketing arsenal.

We strive to grow our academy so more traders can receive quality education, practical training and avoid scams.

Our members are the best ambassadors as they can truly attest to the quality The Wave Academy members receive.

We invite you to spread the word among fellow traders and people you think may be interested in learning The Wave Principle...

and Earn 50% whenever someone you refer with your link joins our academy!

STEP 1 - Create Your ClickBank Account (Free)

Register an account on Clickbank here: https://accounts.clickbank.com/master/makebank.html

During registration, you will choose an affiliate ID ("nickname" / "username" ) from Clickbank, for example myname

STEP 2 - Get Your Hop-Link (Cookie Enabled Link)

When you receive a confirmation from Clickbank that your account is active, copy this link: and paste it in your browser, an email or in a document.


Instead of the XXXXX in the link, type your affiliate ID.
In our example, the link should be https:/myname.cnscientia.hop.clickbank.net , if you affiliate is waverider123,
then your link will look like this https://waverider123.cnscientia.hop.clickbank.net

 •  Alternative Method To Get Your Hop-Link Encrypted

If you want more landing pages for split testing or a "hidden" encrypted link where you don't show our usernames

Then you must follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Log in at Clickbank, and go to Marketplace

2. Find my product "Wave Principle" and Hit The Promote Button.

3. Generate Hop-Link and Copy It | use tracking ID to track your conversions.

4. Save this URL for faster access.

* You will also get more insight into Clickbank's Data such as Gravity or Vendor Spotlight.

You should get a similar link like this:


Notice at the end of the URL "&tid=XXXX" ? That's a Tracking ID.

You will need that to track where your promotion turned into a profit (Conversion). You can name it anything.

&tid=FB_ADS conversion came from facebook ads?

&tid=Google_ADS conversion came from Google ads?

&tid=InstaStory conversion came from Instagram Story post?

Just to give you some ideas.

STEP 3 - ALWAYS TEST YOUR HOP-LINK - If you don't do it, you could lose your commission.

I know it sounds obvious, but better be safe than sorry.

  1. Use your own hop-link at any browser's incognito mode or a new device.
  2. Go through the sale page and get into the Clickbank's checkout order form.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and check if you can see something like this

[affiliate: waverider123]

If you do, your Hop-Link works!

STEP 4 - Get Your Commission!

You are good to go!

You can send YOUR link to people you know who may be interested in joining The Wave Academy.

Now your job is to connect people who need high-quality education with The Wave Principle Product.

Every time someone buys, you will earn 50%. Simple as that.

Even though solving their pain point with a solution such as "Losing money at the markets? This can help you improve your trades." may work...

I don't recommend sending Raw & Cold Traffic (people who know nothing about their problem or the offer) directly to this link.

You should use any marketing strategy available to build a presale page.

Warm them up: It could be an advertorial, a review page, youtube video, email list building, social media followers, etc

There are so many ways you can use marketing. that's up to you. I highly recommend you study before you invest in ads.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and how Clickbank works, visit their official guide here.

Earnings Disclaimer – Any estimates of how much affiliates can make by promoting my product is just that- an estimate and not a guarantee. It depends on your skills and burning desire. If you want to escalate your affiliate business follow this guy.

Anti-Spam Policy –  I will not tolerate affiliates who promote my product through illegal or unethical techniques. You must be warned that ClickBank may terminate your affiliate account, and you will not be allowed to promote your product if they do so.

Please note: the commissions are sent by Clickbank automatically usually once in 2 weeks, and are subjected to refunds (not send if the payment was refunded). Also, Clickbank doesn’t allow all countries. If the country you live in or the people you would like to send the link to is not allowed by Clickbank, please contact us and we will find another solution.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at affiliates@waveprinciple.net
If you have questions related to Clickbank, please contact their support: https://support.clickbank.com/hc/en-us/requests/new