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Since my program is new, I'm still collecting data on our Audience using Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Google/Facebook Ads.

But I'll post here keywords, images, and more data that converts that will help you with your promotion.

Remember, the more I win the more you earn. So it's in my best interest to work together.

Let's help each other! If you find a winning audience/interest, let me know about it by replying to any of my emails.

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You will also find here some Guidelines. You definitely want to read them:

 • There Are No Rules. You are Free to promote this as you wish.

You can download, or copy part of the course for Promotions Only.

Please note that this content is copyrighted. Use it wisely.

Watch this content a bit further so you can understand what exactly to promote.

Here's a link for the real-time community that has been following my teachings in Discord Server:

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** Ethics is the most important cultural value. Don't share these credentials.

 • Here's a general description of the ideal practitioners (customers):

This is not a signal group, get-rich-quick program, following blindly suggestions, or any of the copy-trader's behavior.

This is for serious people (nerd-like) trying to actually understand any financial market's behavior, whether they are an investor or an active trader, this will be interesting for any of them.

 • This program is EDUCATIONAL and it depends on the practitioners to take action with the content.

I don't offer any mentorship or coaching. I'm just teaching in a simple manner what the books describe in old fashion with complex words.

I've gone through countless hours watching charts, courses, and videos trying to figure this out myself, and now I have my way of teaching.

It can be added to ANY strategy that new or veteran traders has in their arsenal. So go figure how big this niche could be.

* There are dozens of courses/videos out there about "wave theory". They make this look complicated. Most of them tend to confuse the user by misguiding them with distorted information, claiming "new evolved wave theory" with a lot of rules to memorize and follow.

* This creates resistance to learn and scares people away. "Wave Theory" is hard to use.

 • My program follows the original scripts from Ralph Nelson Elliott.

He describes The Wave Principle after understanding Nature's Law: The Secret of the Universe (the name of his two books).

Principle is a word that means "behavior description", different than Theory which is related to probabilities - hypothesis.

Wave is a formation and dynamic movement that follows physics science. The price in every market move in waves.

This is what makes my program different from the rest, I focus in the core essense of the matter and apply it in the markets.

I belief this is the best way to absorb the information and watch the market with a bird-view perspective.

When the subject is interesting and the student is curious about it, the learning curve is accelerated.

Learning should be simple and fun.

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