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I'm glad you are here. That means you are eager to learn The Wave Principle!

But before, make sure you watch this short introductory video.

Remove any distractions, tune your volume and turn on your captions. Enjoy.

To start we have to understand this image

Not everyone are able to see the different shapes at first. there are people who only see the glass, or only the faces.

To understand the wave principle we have to train our brain to see both images at will.

drag image handle

The left side of the image is how we see when we do not have the "lenses" or the filter that allows us to recognize the figures.

chaos, or order. Recognizing the different wave patterns will allow us to find shapes where they did not exist before. Right side.

Literally, our brain has two hemispheres, the Left is responsible for the measurable, logical, quantum. The Right of creativity, emotional. It is where the images that we dream and create are in our minds. We have to learn to use both consciously to identify the figures in the charts.

We Tend To Complete The Incomplete.

If you join dots with lines, you get a triangle and a square when in fact there is no figure in the screen.

That’s how our brain works. Use them consciously to trace trendlines.

And the most interesting thing about this, is that you can find an inner image on them.

But of course, not all of you can see it unless you are told so.

drag image handle after reading below

Can you see the tri-force on the left? I bet you can now see the diamond inside the square.

Below the image you can see an example of uptrend and downtrend by tracing lines

There's a noticeable higher highs and higher lows (uptrend) on the left, while the right is making Lower highs, Lower lows (downtrend).

Before we start learning The Wave Principle,

Make sure you go through The Beginner's Guide.

This will guarantee that you are set with the proper foundation for further knowledge.

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